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“Kodomo Pakku”: A manga magazine for the children of the Taisho period
“Kodomo Pakku” was first published in May 1924 by Tokyosha, who had also brought out the magazines “Shonen Gaho” and “Kodomo no Kuni”. This magazine is not held by any of the national leading facilities such as the National Diet Library.As one of the few children's manga magazines for children during the Taisho period, it featured the glamorous and high-quality art of members of the Japanese manga society like Takei Takeo, Takehisa Yumeji and Aso Yutaka, thus it is a magazine which is worthy of special mention in Japanese manga history.In terms of the representation method of manga, one can see frames with speech balloons. This is thought to be an influence from “Shochan no Boken”* in “Asahi Graph” from the previous year. However, about half of the manga were still of the manga-manbun style with no speech balloons.Also, Takei Takeo's manga and illustrations, and Yamada Minoru's children's manga (for example, “Choki Choki Taro”) are valuable materials, even when one already knows of their ability. Issues 1 to 4 have been confirmed. (Shimizu Isao) (*)...Museum collection