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“Poten”: a manga magazine from Kyoto
When we look at the history of manga, we see a side which was brought about by war. The Sino-Japanese War kick-started the Giga-Nishikie boom, and the Russo-Japanese War brought about the manga magazine publication boom. In 1905: “Jijimanga Hibijutsu Gaho”* (Kyoto), “Nipponchi”*; 1906: “Tokyo Pakku”*; 1907: “Osaka Pakku”*, “Joto Ponchi”*; 1908: “Ehagaki Sekai”*, “Warai”*, “Shonen Pakku”* and so on. In 1908, “Poten” was published in Kyoto.“Poten” apparently comes from the French word “potin”, meaning “rough-and-tumble”. Unlike other manga, it is 34cm long and 19cm wide, yet it has been strongly influenced by other manga magazines of the time. That the centerfold spread was a large single sheet of topical satire manga and that all the pages were printed in colour were influences from “Tokyo Pakku” and “Osaka Pakku”.Also, on the last page there are four picture postcards which one can cut out and actually use ? an idea borrowed from Miyatake Gaikotsu's “Ehagaki Sekai”. It is unconfirmed whether there are issues other than the first issue. (Shimizu Isao) (*)...Museum collection