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“Shonen Pakku”; Japan's first children's manga magazine
In 1905, “Tokyo Pakku”* edited by Rakuten Kitazawa, had been published and was a big hit, and by 1907 Japan's first children's manga magazine, “Shonen Pakku” (The Shonen Pakku Company) had begun publication.Manga were originally a product that was marketed towards adults, but it evolved. Therefore, during the Meiji period, the children's genre of manga was still at an early stage of development. Thus it is intriguing that this kind of magazine would appear suddenly at this period of time.This would seem to be an influence from overseas children's comic magazines. For example, some, like the British comic magazine “Puck”*, would come to Japan. Kashiwabara Denkichi, an employee of Jitsugyou no Nihon saw this and decided to create “Shonen Pakku”. Kawabata Shotaro (Ryushi) worked on it for three years as an artist. But it was the mid-Taisho period and Okamoto Ippei's “Kodomo Manga Emonogatari” which brought about the children's manga era. The next true children's manga magazine to appear was “Kodomo Pakku”* (Tokyosha), first published in 1924. Therefore, “Shonen Pakku” was a manga mazine for children which appeared at a rather early time. (Shimizu Isao) (*)...Museum collection